Saul was a king of Israel, and could have been something great, but because of all his sins he was commited to a painful death. He was seen in both Samuel 1 and Samuel 2.

Saul was part of the Benjamin tribe, he belonged to a wealthy family. One day his donkey ran away, so Saul went after it with a servant. They found no trace of the donkey, and Saul was ready to call it quits. The servant relized they were in a town where a Prophet(Accordind to Samuel 1, Prophets could see visions given by God) lived by. They find the Prophet, whom happens to be Samuel. Samuel treats Saul like a king, and has him sleep over for the night. Samuel then explains the next morning, that God has choosen Saul to be the king of Israel. Saul returns home, and a meeting is held later. The meeting is to show who the king of Israel will be. Samuel chooses Saul who was hiding..