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This is a wiki where kids can make pages about people in the Bible, scriptures, and much more! Simply create an article, call it the name of the story you want to write, and write your story! Please only write real stories from the bible, though.

The Bible[]

The Bible is the Word of God that shows the way to salvation and eternal life. It not only tells them how to have a fun life, but also how to have a fun life that lasts forever.

Describe your topic[]

The Bible is a great book of God's word that has been given to us. Please edit a lot, and have fun! You can also chat with different editors, but please read the chat rules first.


If you would like to have a position, leave me a message here. I would be glad to talk to you on chat about having a position. Positions are earned by how you act, how kind you are, and how you contribute.

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