Heaven is an [conjectural] inter-dimensional place, created by God for everyone who accepted his free gift of eternal life, in other words being "born again". The Bible mentions most about it attributes in the book of Revelation, though they can be confusing to read straight through. Heaven is a perfect place, designed to be inhabited by people without sin. Everyone who believes in Jesus as the Son of God will be given a new body, a perfect one after they die. Anyone who does not go into heaven will spend eternity suffering in Hell. Before Heaven was completed, before Jesus's death, a part of Hades (also known as "Sheol") took the place of heaven. The one "paradise" side of Hades was filled with those who had believed before Jesus's death, all of whom were taken to heaven after Jesus's death. Heaven will also be the site of the Judgement Seat of Christ, where believers will be judged, and the Great White Throne, where non-believers will be judged and unconditionally expelled.